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Traditional Way on Russian Cabbage Soup 


Russian cabbage soup recipe is basically a traditional staple in Eastern European cuisines. And historically, it has long been considered as a subsistent food for many years. It also offers a wide range of health benefits.


Health benefits of cabbage soup 


Recipes like this with cabbage are actually packed with nutrients. And people should know that a cup of cabbage has approximately an entire day’s recommended daily allowance of vitamin K, and half amount of vitamin C you would need daily.


Additionally, it also contains good amount of fibers and all B vitamins, as well as sufficient elements of phytonutrients (beneficial plant chemicals), that are potentially essential to human body mechanisms such as cleansing our systems from toxins to lowering the risks of certain cancers.


Moreover, cabbage is also known to contribute much on gastrointestinal health, and remarkably beneficial to various ailments on women’s health concerns.


History of cabbage


History of cabbage dates back during the 16th century when German gardeners first developed the savoy cabbage, and on to the 17th and 18th centuries. Consequently, in ancient times cabbage was a food staple in countries such as Germany, England, Ireland and Russia. While pickled cabbage was frequently seen in most European cultures.  


The man most responsible in bringing the cabbage to the Americans sometime in the middle of the 16th century was Jacques Cartier, and speculatively history would say that it was probably planted in what is now the United States by the colonists earlier in that period. 


However, there was a lack of documented evidence as to its existence up until the middle of 17th century. By 18th century, cabbage seeds travelled to Australia with the First Fleet, and were planted that same year on Norfolk Island. Back then, it became a favourite vegetable of the Australians by the 1830’s.


The 18th century, gave birth to a new term for cabbage salad, which is “coleslaw”; it is actually an Anglicisation of the Dutch term “koolsla” or short for the term “koolsalade”. Coleslaw, is a salad that consists of raw shredded cabbage, dressed with mayonnaise or buttermilk in some variations, added with seasoning. For other variations, sour cream may also be used as a dressing and vinegar may be added.



You can find more variations in cooking and mixing other vegetables to this Russian Cabbage Soup Recipe to get more information. Here you will find a recipe on traditional Russian cabbage soup that is easy to prepare and loaded with health beneficial nutrients that you can cook on ordinary meals or even on special occasions.

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